My Favorite Things

Sorry y’all for being so MIA lately… I started my internship last week and things have been crazy since I am working to figure out a weekly schedule that works for me. Right now, I have internship two times a week, pottery class and an open studio two times a week, and my commitments which come up each week. Finding a schedule that works for me is something that is challenging. I always tell myself that I want to get on a schedule, but it never happens.

I am happy to announce that I returned my foster kittens Rainbow Brite and Buddy Blue and both passed their check ups and had their spay and neuter surgeries. After a new days of recovery, both kittens were adopted out to loving forever homes.

Have you noticed anything different about my blog? Over the last few weeks, I found someone to create an adorable logo for my blog. I love it so much!

Anyways… here are a few of my favorite things I thought I would share with you.

Stitches Midwest

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Stitches Midwest, which is a fiber festival/convention which happens in the Midwest each August. This is the first time I have attended Stitches Midwest, and a fiber event in general. I went by myself on Sunday because my schedule had to get rearranged with a pottery class cancellation on Monday. I was indecisive about whether or not I wanted to go at all because I didn’t know if the vendors would have enough stock or if I would be wasting time by going. In the end, I decided to go and I am so glad I did. I walked around each of the vendor booths then made another lap to decide what I wanted to purchase. I purchased some gifts, a few project bags and skeins of yarn.

Stitches Midwest Website:


Fibreshare is “an international yarn and fiber swap open to all crafts with a focus on fostering connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community. The most recent share included 1,691 participants from 35 countries!” Sign ups are open right now until August 13th. There is a small fee for the swap, which covers replacement packages and other fees related to the swap. This will be my third round of Fibreshare that I have participated in. Once you sign up for Fibreshare, you are matched with two partners, one to send a package to and one to receive from. The only requirements for this swap are to send a minimum of 200g of fibre or yarn to your partner, but many participants include project bags, stitch markers, notions, and other yarny (and non-yarny) goodies. The great part of the swap is being able to talk to your partners and get to know them so you can put together a package that you know they will love, along with having lifelong fibre friends too!

Fibreshare Website:

Christmas Knitting

This year, I started my Christmas present knitting in July. I hope that because I am starting early, I will be able to finish all the projects I have planned for loved ones early and be able to relax in the weeks before Christmas. Right now I am keeping my Christmas knitting a secret so I don’t spill the beans for the lovely recipients. Do you knit for Christmas? If so, when do you start your Christmas present knitting?

State Fairs

Some people love going to the state fair and some people hate it. I am excited to be able to go to the state fair tomorrow with my boyfriend and eat all the yummy and deep fried foods. Fair foods I love the most are funnel cakes, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and cream puffs. What are your favorite foods to eat at state fairs?

Do you have any favorite things, knitting, reading, food or otherwise? I would love to hear about them if you do!



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