FO: Free Your Fade Shawl


Hi everyone! Rachel, the owner of OnTheRound, and I have been friends for a few years now and I recently began sample knitting for her using her beautiful hand dyed yarns. When Rachel and I saw the Free Your Fade pattern by Andrea Mowry, we just knew that it had to be a sample for Rachel’s shop. Rachel had just released her Double Rainbow mini skein sets on her Everyday Lite base, so together we decided that would be the perfect yarn for this project.

Free Your Fade is a shawl pattern that calls for three skeins of fingering weight yarn (or approximately 700-1000 yards) with a US size 4 (3.5mm) circular needle. The awesome thing about this pattern is the fact that it is so easy to customize! Rachel’s Double Rainbow Little Skein Set includes six 100 yard mini skeins, which is perfect for this project. I made a few modifications to Andrea’s gorgeous pattern to account for the mini skeins.


The first modification I made was to knit single yarn overs (YOs) in the yarn over rows instead of single yarn overs and triple yarn overs. I liked the uniformity that the single yarn overs gave the project. I also did not want the shawl to be too busy since there would be so many fading colors in the shawl too.

The next modification I made to this pattern was the method that I used to fade through each color of the Double Rainbow mini skeins. The shawl begins at a point and grows larger and larger until you get to the bind off edge. Unfortunately there was no rhyme or reason to when I decided to fade to the next color and I risked yarn chicken with every color fade. I tried to knit one or two full repeats of the pattern before changing colors. I did have some yarn left of each color after fading because I did not want to risk running out of yarn during the fading sections.

Here is how I faded (from what I can remember):

  • 5 garter sections of Pink
  • 1 Fade garter section Pink/Orange
  • 2 garter sections of Orange
  • 1 Fade garter section Orange/Yellow
  • 1 garter section of Yellow
  • 1 Fade section Yellow/Green
  • 1 garter section of Green
  • 1 Fade garter section Green/Blue
  • 1 garter section of Blue
  • 1 Fade garter section Blue/Purple
  • 1 garter section of Purple
  • 1 Fade garter section Purple/Gray
  • 1 garter section of Gray
  • Bind off in Gray

After I knit each of the colors in the Double Rainbow set, I talked to Rachel about adding some of the Granite colorway on the Everyday Lite base to make the shawl a little bigger. Rachel loved the idea so I knit a garter section in the grey color before binding off. Once I bound off, I wet blocked the shawl in lukewarm water with Soak wool wash and laid it flat on blocking mats. I did not use any blocking pins or wires to stretch the shawl because it was a nice size already.

I had so much fun knitting this sample for Rachel with her beautiful yarn.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Ravelry or Instagram (Hiyahannahbanana). I have included all the links to the pattern and yarn below. I hope you love this pattern as much as I did. Enjoy!


Pictures provided by Rachel at OnTheRound


Free Your Fade pattern:

Ontheround Double Rainbow Little Skein Set:

Ontheround Granite Everyday Lite:

My Free Your Fade Project Page:

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