Being Sick: A Blessing or a Curse

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to the Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers game at Soldier Field in Chicago to celebrate his birthday in October. It was cold and rainy for majority of the game, so I knew there was a chance I could get sick. On Monday morning I woke up with a horribly sore, scratchy throat and immediately knew I was sick.

It’s amazing how fast time can fly by when you are holed up in your apartment all week trying to get healthy. Tuesday I saw a virtual doctor and I was prescribed Tamiflu and a steroid to help with my symptoms. Every day I think that the worst day is upon me, and the next day it gets worse. I have spent a lot of time binge watching Lost on Netflix and knitting and resting. I have been doing my best to rest up, drink fluids, and take it easy, but being sick is difficult for me. It is hard for me to lay around doing nothing and being absolutely miserable. It also stinks that next week is Thanksgiving so I will hopefully be going home to spend the holiday with my parents. The week after Thanksgiving, my big final project is due for my internship seminar class this semester. I have had absolutely no motivation to work on it because I am so sick and miserable. Stress probably was a big factor in me being sick, but it gives me time to take care of myself and really think about what’s important in my life, and my health is definitely a priority.

What are some things you do when you are sick? Any home remedies to help with the symptoms? What do you do to pass the time?


Here is a picture of my boyfriend and I in front of the stadium before the game and the rain started

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