It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year: Christmas Cookies

Throughout my life, I have always loved sweets of any kind: doughnuts, cookies, cakes, ice cream. You name it, I probably love it. Around this time of year, one of my favorite sweets to eat is Christmas cookies, but particularly Spritz cookies. They have just the right amount of sweetness with a light, buttery texture and the sprinkles on top add just enough sparkle to the cookies.

Now I have never made Spritz cookies before, but something came over me this past weekend… I just HAD to make these cookies, and I HAD to do it this weekend. On Saturday night, I did a Google search (Like we all do) for the best and the easiest Spritz cookie recipe. This was a recipe from Betty Crocker herself, so it had to be good right?

Betty Crocker Spritz Cookie Recipe:

My next step in the Spritz cookie mission was to buy something called a cookie press. I’ve heard about them before, but I’ve never used one. I looked on Amazon, Michaels and Joann Fabrics to read reviews about the different models of cookie presses and to see which craft store close to my parent’s house had them in stock. I found that Michaels (a short 15 minute drive from my parent’s house) had a number of models ready and waiting for my cookie baking pleasure.

After I found where I could get this cookie press contraption, my dad and I discussed ingredients I would need to bake the cookies. We had little to no flour in the house, so that was definitely going on the list.

Once all my research was complete, I drove to Michael’s and discovered that they had not one or two kinds of cookie presses, but THREE! Both of the models that I was looking at were by Wilton (and exactly the same price), but it was a guessing game to decide which was the “better” of the two.

Wilton Pro Ultra II Cookie Press:

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press:

After looking at both options, I remembered reading reviews online that said that the plastic cookie die pieces can easily crack. I decided to buy the Preferred Press Cookie Press with it’s metal cookie die pieces instead of plastic.

I gathered my press and other ingredients and headed home for the night.

The next morning, my sister and brother-in-law were taking my dad to his first ever Green Bay Packer game, so my mom and I had an easy day. We did some running around in the morning to Joann Fabrics, Half-Price Books, and Menards, then headed home to relax and watch the Packer game.

I decided to use the classic recipe that came with the cookie press, because it yielded 9-10 dozen cookies instead of the 7 dozen that the Betty Crocker recipe yielded. After the butter was softened, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there with making and baking the cookies. I had a little difficulty with the press, but earlier that morning when we were at a local bakery I asked the bakers questions about their spritz cookies and they instructed me that I might have to squeeze the press two and a quarter clicks instead of the traditional one click, one cookie.

I had so much fun with the different cookie shapes and my sprinkle color choices, and the whole process only took around a few hours to complete. Before quality assurance purposes (IE. Mom trying the cookies to make sure they were perfect) I was able to bake 76 cookies total. Once cookie baking was done, I hand-washed the cookie press and let the pieces air dry on a towel. It was a very enjoyable process and I will definitely be making these cookies again!

Below are some pictures from my Spritz cookie adventures:


Do you make Christmas cookies for the holidays? If so, feel free to share your favorite cookie recipe below!


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