Welcome to the family Midnight

On December 22, I went to my parent’s house to spend the holidays with my dad, since my mom was out of town. Dad picked me up from the train station and when we got home, he turned on the tv and said we had to Skype my mom because she wanted to talk. Dad disappears upstairs and a few minutes later he comes back down with a wrapped box. I jokingly tell him the box doesn’t have air holes in it. He hands me the box as we Skype my mom and I put it down on the couch next to me. It starts to wiggle, so I immediately freak out, not knowing what’s inside… I open the box and out pops a small black kitten! Mom had gotten me a kitten for Christmas! After the initial shock, I find out she’s an adorable 6 month old kitten named Midnight. She is all black except for a small patch of white fur on her chest and one white whisker. To say I was surprised was an understatement!

After a eeek with my dad, Midnight and I headed back down to Chicago because I had to get back for my internship. Midnight has been with me 3 weeks now, and she’s both a sweetheart and a terror haha.

I would have posted this around Christmas, but I completely forgot about it.

I hope you enjoy these pictures πŸ™‚

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