Addi Flexi Flips Review

When I choose to knit small circumferences like socks/sleeves/hats, my preferred method is magic loop. I have tried a number of times to use DPNs, but they scare the crap out of me because there are so many pointy ends and I feel like my stitches will slip right off my needles. When I heard about the Addi Flexi Flips needles, I knew I needed to try them out. Flexi Flips are essentially three double pointed needles with a 1″ cord in the center which allows for flexibility. There are also two different points to each needle, one more pointy and one a little more blunt. I ordered my 2.25mm set from Handsome Fibers which set me back about $24. Addi needles tend to be more expensive and because the knitting world has never seen this DPN-cord hybrid, I was okay spending that much for a set of knitting needles.

Once I received the needles, I knew knitting a pair of socks with them would be the perfect way to test them out. I decided to use Regia Arne and Carlos in the Star Night colorway to knit vanilla socks.

When I first cast on toe up I was very unsure about them, but I continued knitting. I definitely enjoyed the fact that there was the tiny cord in the middle, so the needles had some bend to them which also helped to secure the stitches so they wouldn’t slide off the needles. I had no problems knitting the foot of the sock, the only thing I did notice was a slight ladder on each side where I would change needles. I knit a Fish Lips Kiss Heel on all of my socks because it fits my heel better than a heel flap and gusset. The heel was slightly fiddley, but I continued knitting. I had no problems with the leg (with the exception of the small ladders on each side of the foot) and knit the cuff with no problems. I then knit the second sock the same as the first and the ladders continued to that sock as well.

Overall, I had a love/hate relationship with these needles. Many people say those who are used to DPN knitting will love the three vs four needles, and those who love magic loop will love these because it’s knitting without a long cord. Many times throughout my journey I wanted to give up and frog the socks and give away the needles, but I stuck with it and I am happy that I was able to learn something new. I would definitely recommend these needles!


Handsome Fibers Shop –

Regia Arne and Carlos Star Night –

Fish Lips Kiss Heel Pattern –

3 thoughts on “Addi Flexi Flips Review

  1. gracieed says:

    Your socks are beautiful. That colorway is amazing. Did you find that the ladders diminished after you blocked the socks. I also have issues with laddering using magic loop.


    • knittinginthemidwest says:

      Hi Grace! I don’t believe my ladders disappeared once I blocked the socks. I’ve never had ladders before, and I’ve knit many magic loop socks so I’m not sure what the answer is to fixing that problem. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      • gracieed says:

        No worries. I ultimately don’t have a problem with them because they won’t be seen but I would like to conquer this someday. I need to do more research πŸ˜„.


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