I hope you are all having a good evening tonight! I decided to hop on and share my recent Fibreshare experience with all of you. Fibreshare is an international-friendly fiber swap (knitting, crochet, macrame, weaving, felting, etc) where you can meet fiber friends from your country or a different country (you get to choose your preference).

When sign ups open, you fill out a short form about yourself and your fiber story, such as how long have you been crafting, do you have favorite colors, do you have a favorite type of yarn, what is your favorite yarn or project, and do you have an item on your wishlist. You then get to decide if you want to have international or domestic partners and this year the creators even added Continental North America and Continental Europe (Don’t quote me on the latter). You pay a small fee to participate and submit your answers. Within the week, you are expertly matched with two partners, one to send a package to and one to receive a package from. You may not always receive your preferences, but the coordinators do the best they can to match you. This round, I chose Continental North America for my shipping and partner preferences and I was fortunate enough to have BOTH of my partners in Canada!

Once you are matched, the conversations and shopping begin! You have a few weeks to get to know your partner and put together a fabulous swap package that they will love. The coordinators give you a deadline for shipping your package international or domestic, whichever applies to you. One of the best parts of Fibreshare, besides meeting new people, are the vendor discount codes which you can use to buy your partner (and yourself 😉 ) some yarny goodness!


My partner’s color choices were exactly the same as mine (purples, pinks, and blues anyone? haha) so it was TONS of fun to be able to put together her package. My first purchase for my partner happened the day I got the email with my partner information. I have been watching Chelsea and Sue of the Legacy Knitz podcast, and Legacy Fiber Artz  shop, where they discussed a new mohair base they would be carrying and had to check it out immediately. I fell in love with this pinky purple fuzzy gorgeousness called Pop Fizzle.


img_3895My next purchase was a skein of MCN from Cedar House Yarns in Washington state. I found Cedar House Yarns on instagram and had such a hard time choosing a color for my partner. I remember that she said she would like to add neutral colored yarns to her yarn stash, so I chose a beautiful charcoal color yarn called Slate.





While I was in New York City visiting my Sister and Brother-In-Law and his family, I was able to stop by a yarn store called Knitty City with my parents to pick up some mini skeins for a scrappy blanket for my partner. This yarn store also had the cutest employee, a 5 month old kitten named Bandit!!




After returning from New York, I visited my LYS here in Chicago called Knit 1 Chicago on the North side of the city. A Fringe Field Bag was on my partner’s wishlist, so I had to buy her one as part of her package. I also found this cute stitching necklace and stitch markers for her (and a skein of Leading Men Fiber Arts sock yarn for me).



When I included items from my LYS here in Chicago, I knew I wanted to include something from my home state of Wisconsin for my partner too. My LYS in Wisconsin, Cream City Yarn, held a pop up shop for a company called Mighty Wooly a few weeks before I joined this round of Fibreshare. The owner behind Mighty Wooly sews up beautiful project bags that can double as yarn bowls when the fabric is rolled down. How cool is that?! After hearing rave reviews about these Mighty Wooly project bags, called the Mighty Traveler, I contacted her on instagram asking if she had any available for sale and snagged one right up! With my partner’s love of pink, I knew she would adore the pink Mighty Traveler project bag! Website:



During one of the many conversations I had with my partner over Instagram, she told me that she would love to try my favorite indie yarn dyer. I instantly knew that I needed to place an order with Rachel of Ontheround. Since I already had a lot of pink yarn in my Fibreshare package, I chose Anemone and Rainbow Tweed, a blue and a rainbow speckled yarn on the Signature Sock base.






The last order I placed was for a coffee mug from Lindsay Letters on instagram. She posted about these marbled mugs with the saying “I alone cannot change the world but I can sure as heck make it prettier.” This mug was a last minute edition, but my favorite part to my Fibreshare package for my partner.





Finally, I added a Hedgehog Fibres Birds of a Feather kit  from my stash, some adorable sweater postcards, my handmade stitch markers, and a few adorable pom poms to finish out the package.






My partner was absolutely blown away when she received her package in the mail from me. She also took the most stunning pictures (Shown above).


I also received my Fibreshare package in the mail and it was FULL of a gorgeous project bag with so many pockets, beautiful yarn and notions, and the most amazing chocolates!! I had the best partners to send to and receive from! Thank you so much ladies 🙂





Here’s one last picture of the mug because its just so cute!!





Would you ever think about participating in Fibreshare? Do you have another swap you participate in? I’d love to hear all about it below!

Have a wonderful night!

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