Summer Updates

I feel like summer is a complete blur sometimes. Does anyone else agree with me? It feels like just yesterday I posted on my blog about my most recent Fibreshare swap experience and today it is the start of August (What?!).

The last few weeks have been a little crazy for me. I packed up and moved back home to Wisconsin to live with my parents. My school has allowed me to complete an internship placement in the Milwaukee area, so I won’t have to commute down to Chicago multiple times a week. I will go down to Chicago once a week for my internship seminar class in the Fall and Spring and I will be at my internship site two to three days a week throughout the year as well, which will give me enough time for some sort of part-time job to 1. Be able to save up some money, 2. Keep myself busy, and 3. Allow myself to settle into a routine. I am both excited and nervous for the new adventures ahead of me.


This past weekend, I was able to stop by my LYS Cream City Yarn in Brookfield, Wisconsin for their Woolberry Fiber Co pop-up as part of the Wandering Ewe Yarn crawl. OH MY GOSH! I’ve never seen so much gorgeous Woolberry Fiber Co yarn in one place before. My knitting bestie, Cortney, asked me to pick her up some Woolberry Fiber Co in the Hayride colorway, so I made that purchase. Bethany and Rhys of Woolberry Fiber Co also created a special colorway for the Wandering Ewe Yarn Crawl and I was so tempted to buy a skein for myself, but I knew it would probably sit in my yarn stash for who knows how long before I’d actually pull it out and use it for something, so I decided to pass on it. Another colorway I spotted at the Woolberry Fiber Co pop-up was called Apple Picking. It is a gorgeous skein that is half a tonal pink-red color and half a cream base with different speckles. The colorway was on a BFL sock base, which I’ve always know to be slightly scratchy, but it was oh so dreamy. I was so tempted to buy it for socks, but I knew it was a regular colorway in the shop and I could get it any time. Besides the yarn for my friend Cortney, I also picked up some CocoKnits Stitch Stoppers for my knitting so that my stitches don’t accidentally fall off my needles. Overall, it was lovely to see Bethany, Rhys and the beautiful Woolberry Fiber Co yarn in person, as well as Kris, Cait, Marti and the rest of my Cream City Yarn family!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been knitting on a variety of projects because of the stress of the move. I was knitting along on the body of my Tegna and I split for the sleeves when I noticed some pooling in the yarn. I chose not to alternate skeins throughout the body because there are large lines of speckles throughout the yarn and it looked very stripey when I tried to alternate skeins in the beginning. I now regret not alternating skeins (don’t we all?), so I have decided to rip back the entire body to just after the lace. Once it comes out of time out, I will alternate skeins every 2 row in the round and every 2 rows flat to hopefully have an even knit with no pooling. I am using Woolberry Fiber Co‘s Manuka Blossom colorway on their 80/20 Merino/Nylon base.

I have also been knitting on my Cullum Tee using Quince and Co Sparrow in the Port colorway. With the interesting construction of this garment, I have been able to knit the lace and join the front and back of the tee. From there, I am now knitting straight stockinette for the body, with a small ribbing detail on each of the sides of the tee. I have never used linen before, so it has definitely been a slight learning curve. The linen feels rough on my hands using metal needles (the only needles I could find, of course) so I feel like I might be holding the yarn too tight, which in turn is making my hands and wrists sore. Overall, I am enjoying this knit and I cannot wait to finish and block it to hopefully wear it before the hot summer weather ends.

Finally, Stillwater Cardigan is another WIP that I have been working on the last few weeks. I originally began Stillwater as part of the Oliveknits 4 day sweater KAL since I was not completely in love with the Beekeeper Cardigan (the 4 day sweater KAL pattern for 2018). I planned to give myself two weeks to knit the sweater, and I did not finish it in the two week timespan I hoped haha. I am knitting it using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in the Cobblestone Heather colorway. So far, I have split for the sleeves and have begun the faux-cable detailing on either side of the front, but I wanted to take a break from that so I started sleeve knitting. I have never started sleeves before finishing the body of a garment, so it will be interesting to see if I love it or hate it.

In addition to knitting, and working to unpack from the move, I decided earlier this summer that I would like to read every Harry Potter book. As a child, I grew up reading Harry Potter, going to book releases, and seeing the movies in theaters, but I am unsure if I ever read every book in the series. I do have the entire movie series on DVD, so I am able to have a Harry Potter marathon whenever I like (which is AWESOME!). So far, I have borrowed the first and second books from the library, and I am reading the second book as we speak. I am not sure how long this goal of mine to read all of the books will take, but I am so happy to be reading again.

Thank you for sticking with me through this long post. I am excited to start posting on a regular basis from now on 🙂 I can’t wait to tell you all about my Christmas knitting and Wishlist knitting in a future post! I hope you have a wonderful night!


2 thoughts on “Summer Updates

  1. knit1make2 says:

    Eek, you’re the best! Thank you so much for being my favorite enabler. Stillwater is a bit the bane of my existence, I’ve got the sleeves left and I – just – do – not – want – to. One day, we’ll have those done! 🙂


    • knittinginthemidwest says:

      It was so much fun shopping for you and buying yarn out of my comfort zone! Although now I may have to get some Hayride for myself haha.

      The Stillwater body is going to kill me 😓 How about we tradsies and you knit my body and I knit your sleeves? 😂


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